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Fengqi.asia: We Make Your Business Fly

Darwin was right, only the fittest survives. In this era of global competition, your business must evolve to be competitive.
Fengqi.asia enables your business to utilize cloud computing, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage by providing scalable services in the marketplace.

Reliable. Scalable. Secure. Fast. Lean

  • Battle-tested Cloud – 6+ years of experience in game, mobile and web hosting without interruption
  • High Scalability – grows applications from beta to millions of users without any downtime
  • Great I/O & CPU Performance – accelerates data access and reduces latency
  • Strong Security – exclusive timestamp technology to detect unauthorized access
  • Lean – tunes your applications to minimize your monthly bill by monitoring VM, data storage and bandwidth

Supported Features:

PHP, Java, Python, Erlang, C, C++, Ruby, and more

Web Server
Apache, Nginx, TomCat, Glassfish, and more

MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, Basho, CouchDB, MongoDB and more

Easier Troubleshooting
DTrace – a dynamic tracing framework for troubleshooting systemic problems in real time

Root Access
Full root access and are in complete control. Virtualmin provides GUI for server management. Use ssh with root access to manually manage your machine.

Highly Scalable
Dynamic, real-time scaling to 8 CPUs

Better Performance
Up to 2x faster Disk I/O
Up to 1.5x faster CPU performance
Up to 1.5x faster Memory I/O
Compared to other public cloud offerings in the market

The China Factor

China is an important market for your business.

Fengqi.asia has extensive POPs covering the greater China region. International connections offer the lowest latency, and data centers in Beijing and Shanghai are armed with Multi-BGP lines to the five major telcos including China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile. Our professional teams can get your business up and running in the shortest time.

Global Coverage. Local Support.

Thinking of switching from an inefficient online-bookstore/cloud-service monster?

Fengqi.asia is the right move. We have 24×7 onsite support and the highest reliability in the business.

Be it enterprise-class solutions or fast-evolving mobile and social applications, Fengqi.asia will make your business fly.

Cloud Hosting Hotline:

Tel: (852) 2655 6165
Email: cloud@fengqi.asia

Fengqi.asia is proudly powered by ClusterTech Limited and JoyentTechnology.

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