Superior Performance –
Fengqi.Asia Cloud Benchmark Results

SM or SmartMachine

Fengqi.Asia SmartOS SmartMachine, a UNIX based OS optimized for high-load high-performance web applications that natively integrates with Fengqi.Asia cloud platform.

VM or VirtualMachine

Fengqi.Asia Virtual Machine with guest OS loaded.

Fengqi.Asia – SmartOS, SmartMachine, 7G RAM, 100GB Hard-disk, Hong Kong
Fengqi.Asia VM (Large) – CentOS 6, 2-Core, 8G RAM, 160GB Hard-disk, Hong Kong
Amazon AWS EC2 (m1.Large) – RHEL6, 2 EC2 Compute Units, (2 virtual cores with 2 compute units each), 7.5GB RAM, 850GB Hard-disk, US East
GrandCloud (Large) – CentOS 6, 4 Core, 8G RAM, 120GB Hard-disk, East China

The tests were conducted by Cluster Technology Limited, whose registered office is suited at Units 211-213, Lakeside1, No.8 Science Park West Avenue, HKSTP, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong.

Tests dates:
Fengqi.Asia – Jan 2012
Amazon EC2 – Jan 2012
GrandCloud – Apr 2012

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