Samba Storage

Samba Storage is additional storage you can directly add to your Fengqi.Asia machines.

Samba is based on the common client/server protocol of Server Message Block (SMB) and Common Internet File System (CIFS). Using client software that also supports SMB/CIFS (for example, most Microsoft Windows products), an end user sends a series of client requests to the Samba server on another computer in order to open access computer’s file and other resources.

Why Use Samba Storage

Samba can help Windows and Unix computers coexist in the same network. There are some reasons for setting up Samba servers on your network.


1. Elastic

Increases capacity within minutes, with no interruption to your running machines.

2. Seamless Sharing

Provides a common area for data or user directories to transition from a Windows server to a Unix one, or vice versa.

3. Compatibility

Supports both Windows and Unix computers.

4. Single Protocol

Networks Unix, Windows, Macintosh (OS X), and other systems using a single protocol.


Serve as a file system

Share one or more directory trees

Share one or more Distributed filesystem (Dfs) trees

Provide or assist with Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) name-server resolution

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