Object Storage

Fengqi | Basho RiakCS

Fengqi | Basho RiakCS provides developers with secure and highly scalable object storage.

RiakCS is easy to use, with a simple web interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere. It is free to set up, and you pay only for the storage you actually use. There is no minimum cost.

RiakCS can be used alone or together with other Fengqi products such as cloud compute and CDN, as well as third party storage repositories and gateways. RiakCS provides cost-effective object storage for a wide variety of use cases including cloud applications, content distribution, backup and archiving and disaster recovery.

Why Use Object Storage?

Companies rely on data to power their daily operations. It is crucial that this data always be available. Fengqi | Basho RiakCS is architected for high availability, fault-tolerance, ease of operations and massive scalability.


1. Flexible Data Model

Key/value NoSQL data model provides flexibility with no pre-defined schema.

2. Fast Data Access

Supports multipart uploads to help maximize network throughput and resiliency.

3. Resiliency

A masterless, multinode architecture is fault tolerant to ensure no data loss in the event of network or hardware failures

4. Scalability

Automatically distributes data around the cluster and yields a near-linear performance increase as capacity is added.

5. Operational Simplicity

Easy to set up, run and add nodes to your cluster. Operations are powerful yet simple.

6. High Security

Supports data transfer over SSL and automatic encryption of your data once it is uploaded.

7. Developer Empowerment

Extensive documentation and packaging tools have you up and running in minutes and powerful APIs are easy to use.


Highly available, fault-tolerant storage

Large object support and multipart upload

S3-compatible API and authentication

Easy reporting

Simple operational model for adding capacity

Robust stats for monitoring and metrics

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