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The key to a profitable web application is user density per virtual machine. Fengqi.Asia's SmartMachines can handle 10x more users than a similar sized virtual machine on Amazon EC2 and deliver up to 400% CPU bursting at no extra charge. Add to this first class admin access to the underlying infrastructure through our APIs and you have everything you need to run your PaaS and SaaS applications on Fengqi.Asia.

Lean + Transparent + Fast

Fengqi.Asia offers the higher user density than most other cloud providers by eliminating hardware abstraction layers, provisioning top-notch hardware, and only using Tier-1 Internet connections. APIs and standardized and exportable reports facilitates management and control. Combined with topnotch data centers across mainland China and Hong Kong, we can make your applications outshine those of your competitors.

  • Exclusive timestamp technology to detect unauthorized access.
  • Free and automatic 400% CPU bursting to handle unplanned traffic spikes.
  • 10x more users on our SmartMachine than regular virtual machines. lowest cost per user.
  • Best analytics in the Cloud, with Joyent Cloud Analytics included at no charge.
  • Fengqi.Asia global coverage and premium local support in Greater China.

* For benchmarking results, please refer to reports for CPU, Memory IO and Disk IO comparisons.

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